Trusted specialists in damp proofing, timber preservation and repair and other remedial work, Cheshire-based Mallinson Remedial Services has been improving properties of all ages and types throughout the North West of England and further afield since 1959.

Highly experienced in basement waterproofing tanking systems and conversions, we transform unused spaces into comfortable additional living areas, helping to increase property value as a result.

We also carry out professional pre-purchase surveys, which diagnose and comprehensively report any damp and timber infestation problems, plus our recommended solution. Clients include private householders, landlords, housing associations and industry professionals.

Being a Triton Approved Contractor, we work to the highest remedial industry standards and are entitled to offer TUG back-up guarantees, giving you additional peace of mind for up to 30 years.

Damp Proofing

Professional diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp

Timber Treatments

Preservation and repair of timber that has been damaged through insect infestation or fungal decay

Basement Conversions

Installation of water management tanking systems converting basements into practical living spaces

Pre-Purchase Surveys

In-depth written reports with recommendations prepared by an experienced CSRT qualified surveyor

Triton Approved Contractor

Our business practice and workmanship standards are vetted by Triton (BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assured)

TUG Insurance Backed Guarantees

Credible and valuable back-up guarantees available only via the Triton Approved Contractors network

Our Services

We make properties safer and more comfortable
in which to live, work and relax.

Closeup of mould caused by damp

Damp Proofing

The presence of damp in a property, if left untreated, can cause secondary damage to the structure of the building and also pose a significant health risk to its occupants, particularly asthma sufferers.

Condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp are all evidence of unwanted moisture in a building and should be dealt with as soon as possible by a professional damp proofing specialist.

Mallinson Remedial Services not only diagnoses and treats existing damp problems but can also stop damp from occurring in the future, with the aid of dampcoursing and other preventive measures.

Timber Treatments

The timber structure of buildings, especially that of older properties, makes them susceptible to damage from insect decay (woodworm, beetles and weevils) and fungal decay (dry rot, wet rot and mould), which can have devastating effects if not identified and treated early.

Mallinson Remedial Services is a skilled specialist in timber preservation. Using the latest highly effective treatments, we are able to eradicate any existing decay, repair or replace damaged timber and protect against future attack.


Basement Conversions

Unused basements and cellars offer great potential to convert existing below ground spaces into superb living areas that can add value to your property and deliver an excellent return on investment.

An imaginative, well-designed basement conversion can transform a dark, damp space into any number of practical uses. A stunning new kitchen, dining room, bedroom, playroom, office, gym or home cinema, are just a few examples of what is possible.

Mallinson Remedial Services has been installing water management tanking systems since 1959, turning basements and cellars into safe, waterproof environments and helping customers to realize the full potential of their properties.

We offer expert advice on the feasibility of basement conversions and have the skills and experience to undertake every aspect of a project, from design and planning, through to fit-out and decoration.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Our comprehensive pre-purchase surveys, carried out by a highly experienced and knowledgeable CSRT* qualified surveyor using the latest diagnostic equipment, will accurately diagnose the precise nature and extent of any damp or timber infestation problem.

The comprehensive written report will also recommend the most appropriate method of treatment, for which we would be happy to provide a detailed cost estimate without obligation.

To further reassure our customers, Mallinson Remedial Services offers long-term guarantees, the specific terms of which are determined by the type of work undertaken.

* Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment



We work to the highest remedial industry standards
and offer TUG back-up guarantees.

Triton Approved Contractor

Triton Systems develops and supplies an ever-evolving range of innovative products designed for basement waterproofing, remedial dampcoursing, and the control and eradication of insect and fungal attack in timber and masonry. The company holds British Board of Agrément approval and is BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assured, delivering service levels that are second to none.

As a long-established Triton Approved Contractor, Mallinson Remedial Services is carefully vetted to ensure that the required high standards of both business practice and workmanship are met. Surveying techniques; operating codes of practice; backup services; reports on completed works and work in progress - are all examined and spot-checked. Triton Approved Contractor status is reviewed annually to ensure that standards are maintained.

TUG Insurance Backed Guarantees

TUG Guarantee Services Limited was established in 1980, specifically to enable members of the Triton Approved Contractors network to offer credible and valuable insurance backed guarantees, in addition to their own long-term guarantees.

TUG back-up guarantees are issued for a maximum of 30 years from the date of completion of works and cover materials and workmanship relating specifically to the following treatments:

• Remedial Chemical Treatments
• Replacement Cavity Wall Ties
• Above and Below Ground Waterproofing (Membranes)

The guarantees provide peace of mind to the contractor's customers by coming into force in the event of the approved contractor ceasing to trade due to bankruptcy or compulsory winding up. Should the Triton Approved Contractor cease to trade during the guarantee period, TUG then becomes responsible for the unexpired period.

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